Services Overview

Lewis Creek Systems, LLC is a management systems consulting firm founded by Jim Sheldon-Dean in 1982, specializing in providing HIPAA compliance services.  

HIPAA Training and Education Services

Jim Sheldon-Dean, Founder and Director of Compliance Services at Lewis Creek Systems, is a frequent speaker on topics relating to HIPAA compliance at national and local healthcare conventions and meetings, for Lewis Creek Systems’ clients’ staff education, and for a number of commercial providers of in-person and Web-based seminars.  See our page on Speaking to learn more about hearing Jim in person at a scheduled event, or to arrange for your own event.  For a free sample short training session on E-mail, Texting, and Mobile Device Hazards, please see our HIPAA Training Products page. 

HIPAA Consulting Services

Lewis Creek Systems offers a complete suite of services for achieving good information privacy and security practices and regulatory compliance.  See our Consulting Services page to find out more or simply send Jim a message via the contact form to set up a time for a phone call to discuss your needs.

HIPAA Expert Witness Services

Jim Sheldon-Dean has provided reports, analysis, and depositions to multiple clients in regard to HIPAA requirements and common practices.  If you need a HIPAA expert, Jim’s experience is unmatched.  See our Expert Witness Services page or simply send Jim a message via the contact form to set up a time for a phone call to discuss your needs.

Occasional HIPAA Update Newsletters

From time to time I'll send my clients and interested others an e-mail update on new or pending regulatory actions and news related to healthcare information privacy and security.  I'll also post them on my Occasional HIPAA Updates page for others to read.  If you'd like to be on the e-mail list, please contact me and I’ll be happy to add your e-mail address.

HIPAA Compliance Resources

Find out what is available free from various credible sources to help with HIPAA compliance.  Links to tools, tips, techniques, sample policies and documents, guidance, regulations, laws, all kinds of resources are available in several categories.  The list is ever-growing and ever more useful as enforcement and auditing ramp up.  See the index page for Resources, and start in!

Latest HIPAA Compliance News

•FTC: Health Apps and Devices Must Comply with Breach Rule
•Right of Access Settlement #20 Announced — $80K + CAP
•NIST Guide on Ransomware Risk Management in New Draft
•NSA Guidance on Securing Wireless Devices in Public Places
• Launched by CISA, Provides Resources
•NIST Cyber Supply Chain Practices SP 800-161 Rev 1 Coming
•NIST Extends Comment Period on SP 800-66 Revision 1
•Now Up To #19 in Access Settlements - Enough Examples Yet?
•HIPAA Security Rule Violations Cost Lab $25K and a CAP
•NIST Calls for Comments on Updating SP 800-66 Revision 1
•No let-up: HHS OCR Announces #17 & 18 in the Access Settlements
•NIST Issues Draft of Guidance for Mobile Security — BYOD
•More Time for Comment on Proposed Privacy Rule Changes
•41 State Attorneys General Hold AMCA’s Feet to the Fire
•Like A Broken Record: Access Settlements Numbers 15 and 16

What we do for our Clients

Our clients include a wide variety of health care providers large and small, insurers, universities, businesses, regional extension centers for health information technology, professional associations, and government agencies and across the U.S.  Our services include a full spectrum of assessments, reviews, risk management planning, policies and procedures, training, and documentation.  For more information about Lewis Creek Systems and what we do, please click on a topic in the Directory to the right, or click this link to see our consulting services overview.

Please reach out to us

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you have about information privacy and security, or compliance with any of the increasing number of regulations that affect how you must protect private information.  We're always happy to provide information and assistance.

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