HIPAA Training Products

In addition to the many seminars and Webinars scheduled through various providers listed on the Upcoming Public Seminars page, Lewis Creek Systems is now making training products available through the Lewis Creek Systems Web site.  A full suite of sessions is planned for rollout during 2017.

Free Sample Security Reminder Mini-Training Session

Initially, we are providing a free MS PowerPoint-based sample mini-training session, nine minutes long, on the topic of E-mail, Texting, and Mobile Device Hazards.

This session provides a useful overview of the issues pertaining to the use of the communication technologies and devices we all depend on today.  This short mini-training session may be incorporated into your overall HIPAA training strategy as a security reminder for your staff who use these technologies and devices.

Click here to download E-mail, Texting, and Mobile Device Hazards.

Please let us know if there are other mini-training sessions you would like to see, or contact us to create a customized HIPAA training session for your organization, referring to your own policies and procedures.

Customized HIPAA Training for Your Organization

We now offer customized HIPAA training for offices, as a self-contained half-hour PowerPoint show, with audio, for managers and staff.  Sessions are customized for your office based on your policies, procedures, and processes so they are directly relevant to your staff.  It’s something you can give in sessions of any size you wish, and reuse as staff come on board through the year.

We also provide a handout and a short quiz that can be used for verification of attendance if you wish.

Preparing a customized session with handout and quiz for a typical office can be can be done for a fee as little as $1,200, with annual updates of the material to keep up with changes in your processes and/or the rules for one-half the initial cost (starting at $600).  You’ll have the chance to review the presentation content and ask for modifications and changes before it’s finalized for you.

And if it would be more useful for you, we can provide in-person training services instead of or as well as pre-recorded training.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and for us to prepare a formal training services proposal for you.

Upcoming Public Seminars

Click here to visit the page of Upcoming Public Seminars scheduled over the next few months.

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