Download Session: E-mail, Texting, and Mobile Device Hazards

This session provides a useful overview of the issues pertaining to the use of the communication technologies and devices we all depend on today.  This short mini-training session may be incorporated into your overall HIPAA training strategy as a security reminder for your staff who use these technologies and devices.

NOTE:  This is copyrighted material and may only be used within the organization to which it is provided, for its own workforce only.  Sale, redistribution to another organization, or re-purposing of this material is prohibited without express permission from Lewis Creek Systems, LLC.  If someone wants a copy, send them here to get it, free of charge.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a lawyer and I do not provide legal advice; this is only information and resources based on my experience that may be considered in the course of an organization's HIPAA compliance efforts.

Click here to download the PowerPoint Show (~14 MB .ppsx file, including nine minute audio narration) of E-mail, Texting, and Mobile Device Hazards.

NOTE! The file requires MS PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer to view.  If you don’t have PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer is available from Microsoft at: 

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Please enjoy your training session, and thank you.

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