Policy Review and Development Services

Being in compliance with the many and growing information privacy and security regulations and standards means having the proper policies and procedures in place to establish your security management process and provide the structure to support secure operations within your process.  

A complete set of policies and procedures 1) enables the adoption of good privacy and security practices within your business structure and 2) provides guidance for implementing good practices that are in compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

Lewis Creek Systems works with clients to review their current policies and compare them to the requirements for applicable regulations and standards through the use of proprietary policy templates and workshops involving knowledgeable client staff.  Each of the policy areas is examined and policy deficiencies are noted for remedial action.

Then, based on the analysis, we recommend a structure of needed policies and procedures, and work with the client to develop the policy language to match similar policies that may already be in place.  Where appropriate, clients may ask us to assist in their policy adoption process in order to speed adoption of necessary policies.

At the same time, we can work to define the supporting procedures that must be in place to ensure adoption of policy requirements, working with your staff to define and document your systems and processes.  For some clients, we input policies, procedures, and documentation of compliance status and compliance activities into a Wiki or other easy-to-use Web-based information sharing tool, so that the information is easy to keep up to date and easy to use.

A complete policy and procedure review is an essential part of any regulatory compliance assessment.  Lewis Creek Systems can help you discover and remedy policy and procedure issues before they become a serious liability.

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